Company’s certifications

Company’s qualifications

Qualification for ELIA for montage work on 70kV and 150kV pylons
Industrial painters: certified BCCA

AREVA: Anticorrosion treatment for motor frames (American nuclear environment)

Jeumont Electric: Anticorrosion treatment for motor frames

RTE/ELIA/ELECTRABEL : Pylons and high power plants (every type)

TRACTEBEL (Tihange power plant): Ability to work in nuclear environment.

Contractor certification

Class 7
Subcategory :

F3 : Metallic construction companies : Industrial paint

Class 6
Subcategory :

D13 : General construction companies : Painting applications

Class 5

F : Metallic construction companies

Subcategories :

F2 : Construction of metal frames

Class 3

Subcategories :

D1 : All structural work and roofing of buildings

D21 : General construction companies – cleaning and refurbishment of façades.

D25: General construction companies – wall and floor covering, other than marble masonry, parquet floor and tiles.

D29: General construction companies – floor screed and industrial floor covering

Class 1

C1, D8, D12, D24, E1



Insurance and guarantees offered by the company

Guarantee APAC (Insurance Anticorrosion Paint)

This guarantee covers: Corrosion; and/or paint adhesion on galvanized or zinc metalized steel; and/or adhesion of the coats between themselves.

Our workers are trained and qualified for

a.First aid,
b.Bridge cranes,
c.Lifting slings,
e.Working in rappelling (rope access technicians),
f.Measuring instruments,
g.Building and controlling of scaffolding,
h.Hot-mix asphalt coating,
i.ACQPA qualified painters / qualified industrial painters (BCCA Belgium),
j.Qualified sandblasting operator (BCCA Belgium),
k.Qualified spraying operator (BCCA Belgium),
l.Qualified metalizing operator (BCCA Belgium),

Professional federations and partners :

a ucm
b confédération construction
federatie van de metalliseurs
centre capital
CUC (Communauté Urbaine du Centre)
Cœur du Hainaut
Formation pigments